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I'm here to inspire others in their creative endeavors. I think hobbies fall into 3 categories: doing, making and collecting. I’m a maker. I sew, quilt, scrapbook, and I’ve recently started decorating cookies. Basically if it involves colors and shapes (and/or math), it might be a hobby for me! In the past I’ve knit, crocheted, done book binding and paper marbling… the list goes on.

How do I stay motivated to create? I think the biggest way that I stay motivated is by seeing the work of others. Attending my quilt guild’s meetings or visiting quilting blogs leave me eager to get in front of my sewing machine. Browsing blogs of other cookie decorators left me inspired to dive in and start decorating. And finishing one project makes me ready to start three more.

So I’ve started this blog as a fun way to catalog and showcase the projects that I work on and finish.  I'm excited to share them with friends and family as well as anyone else who finds inspiration in my work.  Thanks for looking!

-- Sarah, stay at home mom in California

You might be here because you saw my Secret Treasure Room post elsewhere on the web. Welcome, and thank you for stopping by.

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9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Marji

    Hey, Sarah,
    How about showing some of your knitting? It is my 'winter hobby'. Recently I learned to make socks on needles the diameter of toothpicks and would like to see your creations, too. :-)

    1. sarah

      Post author

      I made a sock once. One sock. It was a challenge. It didn't fit me. It became a game of Cinderella and I think I gave it away to the first friend I found whose foot fit in it. ;-) I haven't knit in a LONG time and I was only ever a beginner. I enjoyed it, but after my teacher had an accident I never found myself another class. Now knitting falls into the category of something I'd do if I had infinite time. I'd like to be awesome enough at knitting to be able to not have to look at what I'm doing. Best I can do for showing off some knitting creations would be to show you some well loved dishcloths that I made. If I took pictures of them when they were new I have no idea where those would be now.

  2. Susan Branson

    I was inspired by your work at quilt market when you sewed your strips together in a "slab" and then created HST with them. I created one today after seeing your post. Any ideas on how you will lay out your quilt?
    Susan Branson

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Sorry for the delay in responding. I think you've seen my plan on IG by now. I love seeing what you've done with your slab. Great work!


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