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Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation has released her new book, Stash Statement.  I am excited to be making a quilt to help kick off the book. The blog hop starts today on her blog.

The book tour blog hop runs now through mid-July, featuring one pattern per week. Today you can see Shelley and Connie's versions of the cover quilt, Grand Bazaar. Mine is coming in May. Here's a peek of my progress on the scrappy bits.

Here's the full schedule of the hop. Save this post to check back here each week or follow Kelly so you don't miss any of the posts.

Stash Statement Blog Tour Schedule

4/16- Grand Bazaar
Shelley @ Cora's Quilts
Connie @ Freemotion by the River

4/23- Louvered
Lindsey @ Primrose Cottage Quilts
Diann @ Little Penguin Quilts

4/30- Precarious
Jess @ Quilty Habit
Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts

5/7- Beach Retreat
Sarah @ Sarah Goer Quilts
Liz @ Savor Every Stitch

5/14- Fire Pit
Alison @ Little Bunny Quilts
Preeti @ Sew Preeti Quilts

5/21- Detour 
Laura @ Slice of Pi Quilts 
Shelley @ The Carpenter's Daughter Who Quilts

5/28- Murrina 
Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl
Leanne @ Devoted Quilter

6/4- Scattered
Jayne @ Twiggy and Opal
Christine @ Triangles and Squares

6/11- Bloom Chicka Boom
Chris @ made by ChrissieD
Michelle @ From Bolt to Beauty

6/18- Regatta
Susan @ Quilt Fabrication
Debbie @ A Quilter's Table
Christa @ Christa Quilts

6/25- Catch a Falling Star
Cynthia @ Quilting is More Fun Than Housework
Anja @ Anja Quilts

7/2- College Prep
Hilary @ by Hilary Jordan
Lori @ Crossquilt

7/9- Take Flight (free bonus pattern)
Kelli @ Seriously, I Think It Needs Stitches
Paula @ The Sassy Quilter

Get yourself a copy! Stash Statement is available from the following:




I participated in all six challenges for Project QUILTING in Q1, making 4 mini quilts and two bags. I also made the first of my Island Batik projects, a pair of mug rugs and and a mini quilt. I also finished seven mug rugs from my Q1 list (though they didn't get shared on the blog of linked up). I finished my Wonderlust baby quilt and my minimalism challenge for Curated Quilts. Lastly, I finally put the binding on my Midnight Mystery quilt, giving me one large finish for the quarter. That's 16 quilts in Q1!

Last quarter the list got up to a whopping 45 WIPs. With the addition of a few new projects that number has been knocked to 40 for Q2. They are arranged here by stage of the project. Stay tuned! ;-)

Just Need Binding

  1. Meadow Mystery, Lap Quilt.
  2. Memory House, Mini Quilt.
  3. BAMQG NICU quilt (pieced by another guild member)

Quilting In Progress

  1. Very Hungry Caterpillar Twin Quilt


  1. Try a Technique Island Batik project - Color Wash 

Finished Quilt Tops

  1. Scattered Squares lap quilt (upcoming pattern).
  2. Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, Greenery Lap Quilt.
  3. Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, class sample Mini Quilt #2.
  4. Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, class sample Mini Quilt #4.
  5. *Planned Improv: Playing with Angles, class sample Mini Quilt #1. 
  6. Charity baby quilt. 
  7. Feathered Star... pillow? 
  8. Variation of Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, Wall Hanging. 

Piecing in Progress

  1. Quilt for Stash Statement book release blog hop.
  2. Planned Improv: Playing with Angles, class sample Mini Quilt #2.
  3. Tula Pink City Sampler. 
  4. Improv Abstraction, Small Quilt. 
  5. Creative HST project, Lap Quilt.
  6. In the Middle quilt, Lap Quilt.
  7. Cotton & Steel (and low volume) HST Quilt, Lap Quilt.
  8. Ocean quilt for my daughter.
  9. Patchwork City Metro Area Quilt.
  10. Swoon Quilt. 
  11. Rainbow Chain. The pattern is Autumn Chain from The Bee Hive quilts. 
  12. My Floating Squares improv project. (from The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood.)
  13. Rainbow Remix from Rebecca Bryan's class at Quiltcon. Blocks are all done. Next up, the big job of piecing together irregular blocks.
  14. Wonky Cross quilt from Rossie Hutchinson's class at QuiltCon. I'm up to 50 blocks and they are now all trimmed up.
  15. Quartered Log Cabin quilt from Rossie Hutchinson's class at QuiltCon
  16. Purple Royalty quilt. 
  17. La Passacaglia. No way I'm finishing this anytime soon, but including it so my list is complete. 
  18. Blogger Bundle baby quilt.
  19. Playing with solids project from Tara Faughnan class. 

Planning Stage

  1. Island Batik - Inspired by Vintage 
  2. R's Waterfall Quilt from Sewing School Quilts 
  3. Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares, large scale. Purples are cut out.
  4. Floating Hexagons in Heliotrope and Breeze.
  5. Unnamed in Oasis and Pickle.
  6. Unnamed in grunge and linen neutrals.
  7. Island Batik Pillow
  8. Island Batik Modern Batik Challenge


I'm linking up to Finish Along Q2 goals link up.

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The products featured in this post were given to me by Island Batik, including batting from Hobbs.

This month's Island Batik challenge for the Ambassadors was Try a Technique. I immediately knew that I wanted to try my first color wash quilt. I've been inspired by the work of Jaye Lapachet (Fabric of the Year 2013, 2014, 2016) and Timna Tarr (Gallery). I chose the Island Batik Mountain's Majesty Stack of 10" squares since it had such a great variety of values.

My units were constructed with 1" circles fused on 3" squares of fabric. Size was dictated by what I could get out of 10" squares. I cut six 3" squares from each of 21 fabrics and put fusible (I used Misty Fuse) on a section big enough to cut out six 1" circles per fabric. I began by using an AccuQuilt Go (borrowed from a friend) to cut out 6 circles from each of the 21 fabrics. I'd used die cut systems for paper over the years, but this was the first time using the AccuQuilt or cutting fabric with a die. It was a quick and easy way to cut out 126 circles... and for them to be perfectly round!

At that point I created my units randomly. I chose a circle at random from my tin to fuse onto the center of each square.

I used the system I learned in Lyric Kinard's class for fusing, by putting the pieces inside a folded sheet of parchment paper. With parchment on top and bottom of my fabrics I didn't need to worry about getting the fusible on my iron or my ironing board.

Once I created my 126 units I organized them by value. I use a black and white image of fabrics to detect slight value differences. In this case I organized them into five sections by value.

Then I started with the leftmost pile and began laying out my pieces on the design wall. (No process photos here.) I started in the upper left and arranged the pieces so that there were no squares of like fabrics touching on an edge (touching on corners was okay). I ignored the fabrics on the circles. I moved down and to the right as I went through each pile. I had five extra squares which helped with making everything work out since I had extra to swap in if there was a problem area.

I love how a project on the design wall shrinks up as it is pieced.

And finally...

I'm super happy with this mini, which is 28" square, and I'll totally be playing with color wash again! I have some simply quilting in mind, but I'd love to hear how you'd quilt this. It's worth noting that I didn't stitch on my circles after fusing so the quilting needs to hold them in place. ;-)

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