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Shortly after I joined Bay Area Modern I took home a charity quilt top to quilt and finish. I don't know who pieced it. (If you know, please let me know and I'll update the post.) Once I brought it home it was initially set aside and for the past couple months I've been moving it around in my work space. I decided this week it was time to get it done. And it's like cleaning, because I can bring it to the guild meeting to drop it off on Saturday. ;-)

I opted for a large scale meander in a light colored 50wt Aurifil thread.

I used one of my green bindings that I had recently prepped. (I actually made another green binding, for four in a row total.) It was bound using my machine binding technique.

The quilt is about 32" x 32", a quick size to quilt and bind. And it's for such a good cause as it will be donated to a local NICU.

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Since I'm without my own laptop, my posts will be pretty brief. (But oh how nice it is to be type on a machine with a working space bar!)

My One Monthly Goal for December is to finish my son's bed quilt. It is a twin-sized quilt and had been basted for quite some time. I had thread and a quilting motif picked out. This week I finally got it under the needle and got started. After the first spiral I calculated that I needed to make about 179 more to finish the quilt. Eek! I made some of the spirals a little larger to help cut down the total number needed, but this is still going to be slow going. And I'm going to try to resist calculating how many more spirals I have left. It's still a lot.

I love the texture created by this motif that I also used on this smaller Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt. I'm working in small chunks of time on this large project. It may not get done this month, but I'm happy to be making progress.

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The quilt I'm working on this weekend is one that I can't share, but I can show you how I'm quilting it. I chose an all over motif, because it's fast and I love that there aren't many threads to bury when I'm done. The design is similar to an all over loop motif, but instead of curves this motif uses all straight lines.

The most important part when quilting an all over motif is that you have a similar density of quilting across the entire space. Your triangles don't have to all be the same size or shape. The variety adds a lot of interest. If you notice that you accidentally make a giant (compared to your others) triangle, just work in some more of the large size triangles around the quilt. If you paint yourself into a corner, this motif is pretty forgiving if you have to cross over a line to get out of a tight space. And if you accidentally make a quadrilateral instead of a triangle, no big deal! My quadrilateral in the upper left probably stands out to you, but this is black on white (your thread choice probably blends better than this!) and it's a pretty small section we're looking at. I absolutely have a couple accidental quadrilaterals quilted into the baby quilt I just finished quilting. Probably nobody will ever notice, and if they do, that's fine.

If you're new to free motion quilting, or just trying a new motif, practicing by drawing on paper is a great way to build muscle memory and to practice how best to move across the space. My other advice when you start stitching this one is to try to only stop at a corner. If you stop in the middle of a straight line it's hard to continue in exactly the same angle you were going. Even if you only make a slight intentional turn in your line it will look better than an accidental wiggle. That said, once the quilt is washed* those little accidental wiggles will be harder to see.

My favorite tools for free motion quilting on a domestic sewing machine are Machingers Gloves and a Supreme Slider (also in queen size). I'm curious, does anyone use a Fabric Glide? If so, how do you like it?

*I quilt with Quilter's Dream 100% cotton batting and love the crinkled look once it's washed.


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