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I'm throwing down the gauntlet for June! This month I need to finally finish my son's bed quilt. It's been over a year since he finished a twin sized quilt for his sister and he's still waiting for me to finish his quilt. It's been in progress for... a long time. Fabric was cut for the project almost three years ago. Eek! The quilt top was finished pretty promptly, but it languished at the quilt top stage. (Why did I not send this one out for long arm quilting!? Actually, I know why. I was married to my plan for thread color and quilting motif. I should have been more flexible.) It's been basted for a while and quilting has begun. But free motion quilting a twin sized quilt on my domestic machine is a little daunting.

It was also my December 2017 OMG to finish it. I started the quilting with Aurifil 50wt Marrakesh Variegated #3817.

Wish me luck!

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Part of the problem with choosing one goal for the month is that I have about seven projects I'd like to finish in March. Anyone know the feeling?

Well, a package of fabric arrived yesterday for one of these projects, so surely that's a sign that it should be my One Monthly Goal.

Curated Quilts' issue 4 call for mini quilts is all about triangles and due April 1. I was drawn to the sherbet tones, not my normal palette, for this challenge. I don't have a firm plan yet of what I'll make, but the fabric is in hand. There's lots of time for you to join in on this challenge. You can see all the details and current submissions at Curated Quilts.


Here I am visiting my i Mini quilt in the Curated Quilts booth at QuiltCon (more about my trip soon!). i Mini was my submission to the Minimalist Quilt Challenge and was selected to appear in issue 3.


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For those of you who follow along with my quarterly WIP posts, you already know that my twin-sized Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt for my son has been languishing in the finished quilt top state for... let's just say quite some time. He does have a cuddle quilt I made for him, but it's about time I finish his bed quilt. After all, he did make a twin-sized bed quilt for his sister.

December is the month. I'm gonna get this one quilted and bound so G can have it on his bed.

The quilt is basted. It has been for a while. And I've got a quilting plan. I'll be using the rounded square spirals I used on this smaller version, also in the Marrakesh Variegated Aurifil 50wt. The size of the project is just daunting to me. I know it's possible. (Leah Day says so.) But, this will be the largest quilt I've quilted on my domestic machine, which has a 7" throat area.

Do you quilt large quilts on your home machine? You might enjoy Jessica Skultety's Top 10 Tips! The one I'll really be focusing on for this project is to work in short chunks of time.

Check out my progress so far.

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