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Summer break from school is approaching. Among other things, this means a little more time for my kids to sew. I was discussing summer sewing plans with Sarah of Berry Barn Designs and she suggested that we co-host a kids round robin. This idea sounded great to me. We’ve gathered a group of nine young quilters from around the United States to participate in our Kids Quilt Round Robin. (We have one team of sisters sewing together, so eight quilts will be made. The round robin will have two groups of four.)

A round robin is a group of people participating to contribute to each other’s quilts, where the entire project is passed around the circle, with each person contributing. In each group of four, the kids will sew one section for their own quilt and one section for each of the other three quilts. When the project returns to them, they will have four completed units to put together a 40” x 40” quilt top.

Officially starting May 1, the kids will each sew their first 20” x 20” block or 10” x 40” row in May. (Of course parent help is allowed!) Then the first of the month in June, July and August their project will be passed to the next person in their group. September 1st the package will return to them so the quilt top can be put together and quilted.

My kids have each decided on the theme for their quilt. My daughter, R, will be making a cat quilt, and she’s chosen a geometric block featuring Tula Pink’s Disco Kitty fabric. She’ll be sending some extra Tula fabric along in case the other kids would like to include it in their blocks. My son, G, has decided on a sports theme for his quilt and is featuring baseball in his first block. He’ll be piecing his first inset circle and using applique in his design.

I’ll be sharing our KQRR sewing each month, and in November we’ve planned a blog hop to show off the finished projects.

If you have a young quilter, we’d love for you to sew along with us at home. Tag Me @sarahmgoer and Sarah @berrybarndesigns on Instagram with your progress shots.

My biggest tip for sewing and quilting with kids is to work in small chunks of time (and to take a break if either of you get frustrated). One block or row a month is a good, slow pace in my opinion. When sewing with my son on his first quilt, sometimes it would just be one or two seams that we’d put together in a sewing session. All those little bits add up!

I look forward to sharing what we create in the round robin and seeing what your young quilters create. Happy sewing!




Over the winter break, my son and I worked to finish his fourth and largest quilt. He began work on it this past summer and it was quilted in November. My final finish of 2017 was to help him finish it up on New Year's Eve.

G designed the quilt to be a twin-sized bed quilt for his sister. All of his fabrics were chosen by him from my stash. I think we all especially love the teal turtle fabric. I love his combination of colors and fabrics, especially the addition of that bold green and yellow print. He made the design decision for that print and the turtle print to not ever be right next to each other.

We sent it out to a local long arm quilter (Tami Levin). G chose the Baptist Fan quilting motif. I really like the curved quilting. It adds a great dimension to the quilt. The lines of stitching are about an inch apart.

One of my favorite features of my kids' quilts are their hand written labels. (I usually have them include their age, we'll have to add in "age 6" after his name.) I like that it shows his cursive writing. Once the quilt was back he commented that he wished he had written the whole label in cursive. He's also decided he'd like to rename the quilt. I'm not sure if that's really happening. Note that since I like to attach a label before quilting, sometimes the finish date is a little off due to my optimism on how quickly I'll get it bound. ;-)

Here's the full view of this cheerful 67" x 85" quilt.

My daughter is now happily sleeping under it in her ocean room. My son has decided since he's made himself a quilt, two for his sister (including this one), and one for his dad, it is now time to make me a quilt. We discussed his plans at our one-on-one dinner this week and he would like it to be purple and grey, twin-sized so it's large enough for me to cuddle up with, and he'd like glow in the dark purple paint on it. I'm intrigued by his vision and look forward to seeing what he creates next.

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After finishing her first quilt, Rainbow Swift 2, my daughter decided that she would make a doll quilt as a gift for a friend. I think she was inspired by the fact that my son's second quilt, Rainbow Swift, was a doll quilt that he made to her.

While on our family vacations to Portland and Southern California this summer, she chose some fabric to start her own stash. For this project, she picked solely from her stash. Her first choice was to use the cat fabric for the backing. Then she chose the "stripes" of fabric for the front of her quilt.

She opted for simple lines of quilting (similar to her brother's quilting on Rainbow Swift, but going perpendicular to the stripes of fabric) and wanted to add the quilting of her handprint like we did on her first quilt. I traced her hand and free motion quilted that part.

She hand wrote her label. (First name removed in pic.)

I keep remnant binding pieces to use on small projects and for scrappy bindings. She initially chose two pieces of binding from my remnants, but when I was making additional purple binding for my own project I offered to make enough extra purple so hers would be all one fabric and she liked that option. Last weekend we were finally able to finish up the quilt by attaching the binding. Now to deliver it to Ellie!

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