I'm currently available to speak and teach locally (within 50 miles of San Jose, California) and will book regionally (Western U.S.) for dates starting in late-2018. You can contact me at sarah@goer.org to inquire about having me teach and/or speak at your guild or shop.


Lectures (45-60 minutes)

The Rules and Options of Planned Improv Piecing

I like options, but I like a plan. This lecture and trunk show will discuss how I use my planning nature to develop rules for myself which drive my Planned Improv quilt design work.


My Quilting Journey

Join me for a lecture and trunk show of my quilting journey. I will show many of the quilts I've made from the first quilts in 2002 through recent works.


Quilting with Kids

Join me as I share my three years of experience sewing and quilting with kids. Each of my children began quilting at age 4, and I've worked with classes of Kindergarteners as well as older kids in quilt camp. I will share my process for successful sewing sessions with kids as well as ideas for first projects (both sewing and quilting). This lecture includes a slide show of children's process and finished work. Individuals wishing to begin sewing with a child in their life will leave with an idea of how to start.



Planned Improv: Scrappy Squares (6-hour workshop)

This scrap friendly 6-hour workshop is a great opportunity to explore improv piecing. We’ll follow a set of guidelines involving measurement and specific cutting rules to create the puzzle pieces students will use to design and create their own unique improv slab. Many students leave with their first finished improv slab (approximately 18" x 20"), which can become a finished mini quilt or built upon for a larger project. Quilting ideas will be discussed.


Planned Improv: All About Angles (6-hour workshop)

This 6-hour workshop includes cutting and piecing techniques to construct slabs to use as the building blocks for a project of any size... all without any math. Preferred fabrics for this class are two sided fabrics including solids, batiks, hand-dyed fabrics, and shot cottons. Many students leave with their first improv slabs (approximately 18" x 20" total), which can become a finished mini quilt or built upon for a larger project. Quilting ideas will be discussed.


Back and Forth Baby Quilt: Piecing Partial Seams (6-hour workshop)

This 6-hour project-based workshop includes instruction for piecing the Back and Forth Baby Quilt, with specific details on learning the skill of sewing partial seams. This quilt features 1/2 to 3/4 of a yard of a medium to large scale feature print. Many students leave with a finished quilt top.