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I've vowed to get caught up on the Building Blocks Quilt Along before Leah Day gets to Block 5. After finishing the quilting for the Block 2.3 last week, I got all the blocks pieced for Block 3 (Rail Fence Block) and Block 4 (Modern Building Block). Four of each. By this weekend I intend to switch gears back to quilting and get my Rail Fence blocks marked.

BBQA blocks 3 and 4 pieced

In the meantime (partly because I was out of printer ink, so I couldn't mark my above blocks for quilting), I went back to an old work-in-progress. I last mentioned this project in my first post when I showed a peek at this project. As of today I've now made 162 two-inch squares into these eighteen 9-patch blocks. This brings me up to step 10 in the project. I love when all the little pieces start coming together. Next up, I attach all those strips from January with the half-square triangles on them to border these 9-patches. This is a mystery quilt, so I still don't know what the final quilt will look like.

eighteen 9-patch blocksHere's a closer look at some of them:

9-patch detailWorth noting, I found my fabrics in this project to be very "floppy"... I guess I'm a fan of using starch. :-) Also, I kept following the directions of pressing the seams to one side for consistency throughout this project. And I even failed to follow the directions on one set, oops... hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the next step. It has reinforced my new-found love for pressing the seams open. :-)

The Girl has hijacked The Purple Quilt for use in her crib. This seems to be further evidence that I need to get my act together and finish HER quilt. I got some great advice from the quilters in the BBQA community about machine applique methods. I'll have to look into the specifics and maybe do a small project to practice.

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Block 2.3 Wiggly Pasta

This is my last 9-patch block to finish Block 2 in Leah Day's Building Blocks Quilt Along. Circles were HARD so I was glad to have a pattern to work on that was a bit more forgiving. I LOVE Wiggly Pasta! I can totally see using this on another quilt.

I realized that despite checking when I printed all my patterns that my printouts were a little larger than they should have been. (Can I blame my wonky circles on that!?) So I had already marked the wiggles on one edge of this block in the slightly larger size. I let it go cause time is precious and I didn't want to erase my marks for the whole section. I erased the edge to make sure it hit the corner of the nine-patch and figured it would be fine. (I think that's unrelated to my last wiggle being wonky on three of the four sides of the border.) Here's my finished block.

BBQA block 2.3 frontBBQA block 2.3 backI tend to forget to watch the video before I mark my block. This time Leah suggested that we not even mark the inner filler quilting lines, but I already had, so I just didn't stress at all about staying on the lines. You can say that the lines were just a suggestion. See:

wiggly pasta detail

To recap, here are the six blocks I have done so far. I'm looking forward to getting the next two sets of blocks pieced and catching up to the rest of the BBQA quilters.

first six BBQA blocks frontfirst six BBQA blocks back

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In 2005 I participated in my first Challenge Quilt for the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association quilt show.  The theme of the show and the challenge was "East Meets West." For five dollars I purchased the challenge package which included two fabrics -- one eastern and one western.

The requirements were:

Must use both fabrics, with a minimum of 12 square inches of each.

Length of all sides added together cannot exceed 100 inches.

Only five additional fabrics may be added -- one must be white or cream.

A heart must be included somewhere.

East Meets West challenge quilt

I wish I had a taken photos of the original fabrics. You get a pretty good idea of the eastern fabric in my finished project, the floral print with gold accent. The western print, however, was VERY western. It was all blue/dark blue/black with bucking broncos all over it. Let's just say that the broncos really didn't speak to me, so I carefully fussy cut my background pieces to not include any broncos. I chose to do a very small wall hanging sized quilt. The finished size is 12" by 12". The pattern came from 101 Full-Size Quilt Blocks and Borders. At the time (and probably now) I couldn't see myself doing something so fussy for a whole quilt worth of blocks, but I enjoyed making one. I met the heart part of the challenge by adding heart buttons. This was long before I free motion quilted, so the quilting is minimal, just along the border of the dress.

as featured in my scrapbook :-)
as featured in my scrapbook :-)

Edit: I am currently looking for any (small) amount of either of these fabrics as I want to make a memory quilt with scraps from all my quilts and this is the only one I don't have scraps from. :-/

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