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I made The Boy a bowling shirt to wear to his sister's party. When I asked him what he wanted me to make for his party he chose another bowling shirt. The Scientific Seamstress has a lot of options in her pattern, so it was fun to make another shirt using the same pattern that was totally different. After choosing my collection of coordinating blender fabrics I had him chose which three he liked best. We like wild, but while I knew I'd use all seven fabric's for The Girl's dress, I thought that might be a little over the top for the bowling shirt. I made this one a little longer than his ladybug shirt, and I opted to make the middle stripe of fabric longer than the pattern suggested, since it was my feature fabric. I love it!

front of shirtback of shirtThe Boy in shirtmodeling the shirtstrike a pose
Thanks for taking a look at one of my 2014 Q3 Finish Along Goals. Check out The Girl's party dress from yesterday's post.

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I'm linking up to Finish Along Quarter 3 Finish Party. Here is my full list of Q3 Finish Along Goals.


For The Boy's 4th birthday party the theme was Airplanes and Helicopters. I had nearly two fat quarters of this cute juvenile print:

airplane and helicopter fabric

After a trip to The Intrepid Thread, I had a half dozen lovely blender fabrics to go with it.

For The Girl, I had decided to make CKC's Jewel's Stripwork Dress. It's less detailed than some of the dresses I've made, so I thought it would go together quickly and I was right. It's also neat that there are a lot of options, three sleeve lengths, bottom ruffle, sash, not to mention I could make this exact style but just use a different number of fabrics. Since I had 6 fabrics I wanted to use for the skirt portion this time I just did 12 panels (instead of 14) for a slightly less full skirt. I'll definitely be making this dress again!

hanging dress

front of dressback of dress

Obligatory spinning picture:


Thanks for taking a look at one of my 2014 Q3 Finish Along Goals. Take a look at what The Boy wore.

I'm linking up to Fabric Frenzy Friday.

I'm linking up to Finish Along Quarter 3 Finish Party. Here is my full list of Q3 Finish Along Goals.


Six months ago I started my blog.

Time really does fly. When I was about twelve I was with my mother and my grandmother, and they had a little conversation that went like this:

Mom: Is it true the older you get the faster time flies?

Grandma: Oh YEAH!

Mom: Then it must just be whipping by for you.

So so true.

I spent much of the second half of 2013 wanting to blog. The Husband kept asking me why. In sewing and quilting I find so much inspiration in seeing the work of others. I wanted a way to share what I was doing with friends and family, inspire others in their own projects, and motivate myself to get things done a little faster than I typically tend to. In January he helped me get setup to start my blog.

Six months in and I think I'm achieving those goals. I've also all but abandoned my plans to work on programming. (It's still on the bucket list, it just isn't high enough priority at the moment.) More and more time has been spent in front of my sewing machine, or organizing fabric and sewing related supplies. I've made progress on some old WIPs and UFOs. At the moment I have a small quilt top (table runner) completed and ready to quilt. Now that The Boy's birthday has passed, I'll have to get focused on that project.

I'm loving WordPress and the Tiny Forge theme and figuring out how to do what I want it to do. It's only a matter of time before I decide to learn enough code to personalize the theme more. For now, I'm so pleased with how well it works for me.

If you're new to my blog, here are some of my works in progress. I hope to turn these into finishes soon!


4th of July table runner
4th of July table runner
The beginnings of two Roman Stripez quilts.
The beginnings of two Roman Stripez quilts.
2006 Shop Hop by the Bay Mystery Quilt
2006 Shop Hop by the Bay Mystery Quilt