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You may have seen my first quilt ever last week on Throwback Thursday. I think this is technically the second quilt I pieced, but the first one I finished. It was a gift for my grandmother, not long before she passed away. I've had it back now for a couple years. And I love it, not only because it shows my beginnings of quilting, but also because I think of my grandmother whenever I look at it.

Like my first quilt, this one comes from the book Quilting for Dummies. Again, I used my walking foot to do some straight line quilting, around the petals and leaves. This little lap quilt measures 36" by 49".

I even made an actual label for the back. It reads:

To Grandma
Made With Love
By Sarah Marie
My Second Quilt

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The Boy was very excited about starting back up at school today. I thought it would be nice to put together a little something for the four teachers in his classroom this year. Unfortunately, it wasn't in the cards to bake them some cookies. (Sorry about that.)

My quick and easy idea came from a breakfast potluck we hosted recently with friends. Someone brought Starbucks coffee, but we used actual coffee mugs. When I was cleaning up after breakfast I tossed the pile of unused Starbucks paper cups into the bin of art supplies. Then I decided that they would make a really cute little gift basket container.

the supplies

I had a couple partially used Starbucks gift cards, so the kids and I made a quick stop at Starbucks to purchase $5 gift cards for each teacher, which only cost me a few bucks overall. (I'm not a coffee drinker, so I'd had my gift cards for years.) When I shopped for school supplies I picked up colorful packs of sharpies and ball point pens, so we could put a sharpie and a pen in each gift cup. The Boy wrote each of his teachers a little note and helped me put together these little gift cups. He wadded up a piece of construction paper in the bottom of the cup to help stop stuff from flopping around. We used leftover cello bags from birthday party favors to wrap them. I love how tying them on the side kinda gave them the look of having a handle like a coffee mug.

The Boy signed them with a heart and his name.


It's a little finish, but it's a finish!

This was my primary August goal. In order to prepare for finishing The Girl's cuddle quilt, I wanted to learn how to do turned edge machine applique. Lorna pointed me to this great tutorial at Moda Bake Shop.

Last night was my guild meeting, so that provided the motivation necessary to finish this little project up before the meeting. It's a 6" by 8.5" mug rug. Not familiar with mug rugs? Think large coaster or small placemat. I think we'll be using it as a snack mat for the kids. If I make another one for our house I could use the pair as a place for the kids to each keep their water cup for the day. It amazes me how many cups the kids each go through each day. ;-)

I got halfway into quilting the fish and decided I wasn't sure where I was going. I wanted to do a pattern that showed scales, but I wasn't sure how realistic I was going for in my details.

Back to the sketchpad and I decided on something like this:

I'm not 100% happy with it as a whole, but the goal of this project was to learn a new skill and I did do that, as well as got to do a little free motion quilting. Overall, I'm calling it a success. And I'm fired up about working on The Girl's quilt. It'll have many more pieces, so I'm thinking it'll continue to be a slow-progress kind of quilt, but at least I know what I'm doing now.

This quilt, named Goldfish (yep, no help from The Husband on this one) measures 6" by 8.5". All the fabrics came from my stash and the binding was leftover from The Purple Quilt.

I forgot to add the quilt label before I quilted the fish, so it got squeezed into the corner. It's fine, but suboptimal in my opinion.

Here are a couple close up shots of my quilting. I'm quite pleased with this part.
And my helpers:

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