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The One Where I Actually Finish Some Blocks

I've been primarily working on my king sized February goal this month. Life has been trying it's best to get in the way. I continue to be thankful to Sarah for her 4x7 Sewing Challenge for the month, to keep me focused mostly on the one project (which is hard for me) and for the encouragement to just do that 30 minutes (or whatever I can manage some days) each day, even when I don't feel like it or really don't have the time. I'm thrilled with my progress and have finished 15 of my 36 quilt blocks, with the other 21 of them in progress, assembly line style (go go gadget chain piecing!). This gives me six more days to finish the blocks up, get them pieced together and add on the three borders. It'll be a stretch, but I might just finish the quilt top. (Why'd I chose the shortest month of the year to make a king size quilt!?) This will be the first quilt that I'm sending out to be quilted, so the quilt top will be nearly the "done" stage as far as my work goes, which is even more exciting.

Just keep sewing. Just keep sewing.

Here's a slightly wonky late night pic of how the blocks look together:


I also got these four blocks together this week to finish my IG Rainbow Mini Swap quilt top. You might remember the pattern from my Antioxidant Delight quilt.


Linking up to Sarah's 4x7 Sewing Challenge Week 3 and Thankful Thursday.


This is the fourth quilt I ever made. It was given as a gift in December 2002 or January 2003, to a friend whom I'd known since middle school, in celebration of the birth of her first born. This was my second consecutive duck quilt. I love the cute ducks and the wild backing fabric. I was pleased to run across a couple printed photos of it this past week and I'm happy to be able to share them with you.


Quick report.

This week he finished piecing his quilt top. It measures about 37" x 37".

He also made his quilt label (which I love!!!) and decided he'll use the turtle fabric on the backing. He's named it "Jungle of Animals" which I find very appropriate.

(first name removed for blog)

Next up, quilting. We've submitted his quilt for my guild quilt show so we'll be finishing up the quilt in the next couple weeks to have it ready.

See his process so far:

Next up, Part 6.