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My July ALYoF goal was to make some progress on my oldest WIP. Specifically, it was to finish the snowball blocks so I could reassess what my next step would be on this project.

I "gave" this quilt to my brother in 2004 for Christmas. I had 8 blocks done at the time. As of the beginning of this month I had... 8 block done. ;-) Now I have 40 completed blocks, and I've decided that I'll set them in a 5 block by 8 block rectangle and add a 10-12" border (in some boring solid, probably) to make it approximately twin sized. I figure about 65" by 90" is a reasonable lap quilt size for someone who is 6'5" tall. And it would have the added benefit of being able to be used as a bed quilt in the future if he'd like. Here are all the blocks together. (Oh yeah, that's a little busy! My 2015 self is kind of asking my 2004 self what she was thinking.)

I'm excited about making progress on getting the oldest WIP off my to do list. I've decided in a manner of letting some things go that I'll send out a few of my WIPs to a long-arm quilter once the tops are complete. (I recently sent out my first quilt to a long-arm quilter. It was like quilting magic! More on that later.) Since I'm not particularly excited about this project (sorry, Chris) I think skipping the quilting step will make me happier since it will allow me to move on to some other sewing. It will also ensure that it gets into the finished column sooner since it would just get pushed aside for more exciting sewing in the short term if I held onto it to quilt it myself.

With less than an hour to spare, I'm linking up to A Lovely Year of Finishes July Finishes Party. ;-)


Sometimes missing a deadline is necessary... like when one is sewing at midnight before the last day of school and decides that staying up until 4am to finish would not be wise. Instead the kids and I delivered eight open wide zipper pouches (size small) a couple weeks after the end of the year.

Fabric choices were driven by what color zippers I had on hand. We ended up with a rainbow selection and chose fabrics accordingly. The orange pouch has a blue stripe on one side, simply because I was a bit short on the amount of orange fabric. One or two of the others were cut 1/2" to 1" narrower than the pattern for the same reason. Everything came from my stash. Yay!

What is your favorite teacher gift to give?


2015 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop

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Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs is hosting her second online mystery quilt. Just getting the cutting instructions into my hands made me even more excited about this project. I love a mystery quilt. It's not too late for you to join in. Head over to Meadow Mist Designs for the fabric requirements and cutting instructions so you can catch up and start sewing with us the first week of August.

My fabric pull is entirely from my stash. I started by choosing orange, since I had an abundance of orange blenders in my stash, then worked from there. I moved my colors around a bit from my previous plan. I'm going scrappy and using the following colors:
Set A: Pink
Set B: Teal
Set C: Orange
Set D: Light Grey

I got them all cut out the first week of the month. Now, I'm excitedly waiting for August.

I missed Cheryl's first mystery quilt (Foothills Mystery Quilt), but I have previously completed two other mystery quilts: Candy Shoppe and Bold Blooms. In both of those I never saw any other finished quilts from the same pattern... it will be very fun to see how this project develops from all the different palettes as people share their progress online. Remember, it's not too late to join in. You have lots of time to choose and cut fabric before the next set of instructions come out on August 6th.

Have you ever done a mystery quilt? What's your favorite part? Is there anything you didn't like about the process?