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Due to an unforeseen blogging hiatus I have two months of mystery quilt sewing to share with you. We're over halfway through the Midnight Mystery Quilt by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs. And as of November we've used all our pieces (I think). In October, we put together nine giant 19" Courthouse Steps units. Cheryl has said we'll be using them in December (directions will be out this Thursday). I suspect we'll be cutting them up, but I'll keep my guess of what exactly is happening to myself. This was the last bit of sewing I did on my retreat this month.

In November, we put together all of the smaller units we'd made in August and September. We ended up with these 28 units. I love seeing all my scrappy fabrics together here.


It's never too late to join in on the mystery quilt. You can find all the directions on Cheryl's blog.


Hello. It's been a while. I'm happy to be back.

The Other Placemat. Here's a situation of how lacking a deadline really affects getting something done. My Zig Zag Placemat tutorial was published in mid-September. I only finished one of the two placemats in time for publication. The second placemat was pieced in time, but not yet quilted. I finally quilted and finished it at my guild's retreat at the beginning of November. I'm not 100% pleased with the quilting, but it's done. And the wonky part in the middle will be covered by the plate. ;-) Happy to check off another item from the lengthy WIP list and I know the recipients will not be as picky as me about a little wonky quilting.


I'm a member of the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association and this was the first time I took part in one of their retreats. They do two annual Marin Headlands retreats (where we were) as well as in-town retreats at a local hotel. I highly encourage you to participate in a quilting retreat if you haven't done so yet. I've been a member of this guild on and off since 2002 and over the years I've met a few people from the group at guild events, and more recently through blogs and IG. But this event really changed how connected I feel to the group. (And I got so much done!) The 3-day retreat was a nice long time to get to talk about quilty and other stuff with some lovely women. I look forward to my next retreat! And here are a couple of the pictures I took at the retreat. Such a lovely area!

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