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It's no secret that my favorite color is purple. That's probably what drew me in to participating this week. I decided on a variety of purples and couldn't resist the grey and black from the cup. The real decision was in how to limit to 8 colors for the palette. I wanted to include the white, red and blue. In the end I opted in include the white and blue. Sorry, red.

I just couldn't resist using a unicorn fabric. I'm sorry that it's currently out of stock at Stash Fabrics (where I linked to it), but it is around for purchase still. I'm curious how many others will choose it this week. I liked that the black fabric has circles that remind me of the rings left by a coffee cup. Now I'm kinda itching to work with this color palette. I'll have to remember to come back to this when I need a new project. ;-)

I created my palette with Palette Builder 2.1 by Play Crafts.

Kona Nightfall
Kona Bright Peri
Kona Crocus
Kona Lavender
Kona Snow
Kona Coal
Kona Black
Kona Everglade

Unicorn Tapestry in Purple by Lizzy House, Andover Fabrics
Sketch in Iris by Timeless Treasures
Ring Spots in Violet by Robert Kaufman
Bitty Bows in Opal Metallic by Michael Miller
Confetti in Champagne by Lizzy House, Andover Fabrics
Crosshatch in Charcoal by Carolyn Friedlander, Architextures
Circles in Black by Simple Simon and Company, Riley Blake Designs
Ripples in Sea by Bari J. Ackerman, Art Gallery


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Welcome to TGIFF! Thanks for joining us this week!

A year and a half ago I started teaching my son how to quilt. My daughter was 2 1/2 at the time, and as soon as my son was laying out his squares of fabric to design the layout of his quilt, my daughter wanted in on the task, too. I had cut a pile of squares that I intended to use for a simple baby quilt that I could donate or give as a gift. I happily gave her my pile of squares. Well, she designed her own pattern with my squares, and it was clear from the beginning that this quilt would be for her. (The quilt is pieced exactly as she designed it, so the safari squares are not all going the same direction.)

I work on a lot of projects at a time, and as a result, things sometimes take a long time to get finished. This quilt was no exception. I gave it to my daughter last month for her 4th birthday.

Wanting to try something different, I chose to graffiti quilt it. I quilt on a domestic machine and this is the largest project I've done graffiti quilting on. I opted for three colors of thread to blend in with the different quilt blocks. The matching bobbin thread created an interesting variety on the back. My goal was to graffiti quilt on a larger scale than I have in the past, but I found that difficult and ended up with a lot of small scale, dense quilting. For the safari blocks, I generally tried to quilt in a way to feature the animals instead of quilting over them.

There are areas that I love, and areas that I'm not so fond of, but on the whole, I'm happy with the results.

Note the date on the label. It's a lie. I made the label in December, thinking I'd "quilt it up real quickly" and finished it in May. Oops.

Thank you for visiting! If you're new to my site, here is some of what I'm currently working on. I hope to knock them into the finished column soon!

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With the Monday holiday, Friday snuck up on me. As in, I totally forgot to do this post before this morning, then I was out all morning for appointments and errands, and then I had a mini freak out when I realized that our domain was down... and looked like it had expired. Um what!? I did the troubleshooting to verify that that is what had happened and figure out who and where to pay. Phew! So sorry to anyone who tried to visit while the site was down. :-/

I have a special place in my heart for rubber ducks. They are just so cute. My sister had quite a collection for a while and three of my earliest quilts were Rubber Ducks, including one for her. I feel like I cheated a little on my yellow fabric pick. It's a little more vibrant than the yellows in the photo, but I just couldn't resist the pretty flowers that had yellow and orange! Look at me using fabrics with more than one color! Woo hoo!!

I created my palette with Palette Builder 2.1 by Play Crafts.

Kona Curry
Kona Cedar
Kona Ash
Kona Smoke
Kona Coal
Kona Black

Daisy Bouquet in Sunflower by Denyse Schmidt, FreeSpirit Fabric
Plentiful Earth in Saffron by Leah Duncan, Art Gallery Fabrics
Kite Tails in Silver by Karen Lewis, Robert Kaufman
Crosshatch in Shale by Carolyn Friedlander, Robert Kaufman
XOXO in Number 2 Pencil by Cotton + Steel
Metro Circles in Black by Robery Kaufman

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