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Since I'm without my own laptop, my posts will be pretty brief. (But oh how nice it is to be type on a machine with a working space bar!)

My One Monthly Goal for December is to finish my son's bed quilt. It is a twin-sized quilt and had been basted for quite some time. I had thread and a quilting motif picked out. This week I finally got it under the needle and got started. After the first spiral I calculated that I needed to make about 179 more to finish the quilt. Eek! I made some of the spirals a little larger to help cut down the total number needed, but this is still going to be slow going. And I'm going to try to resist calculating how many more spirals I have left. It's still a lot.

I love the texture created by this motif that I also used on this smaller Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt. I'm working in small chunks of time on this large project. It may not get done this month, but I'm happy to be making progress.

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I recently shared my daughter's fabric stash, and today I'm sharing my son's stash. G is nearly 7 1/2, and January will be three years since he started quilted. He just finished his fifth quilt.

He's been quilting longer, so he's grown a slightly larger stash than my daughter. He's also picked out fabrics at quilt shops with me, but in addition to that he's shopped our guild sale table when he has come to meetings with me. He's been generous to share with friends, his sister, and me.

G loves animals, especially big cats. Some of these fabrics have been gifts. A few of them were made into napkins which he uses for school lunch placemats, and the dinosaur print was made into a pillow. He used those turtles on the purple background in his House on a Hill mini. My favorite are those adorable frogs! And note the sushi cat in the bottom right corner. Of course, both kids had to get some!

Many of these prints came from my stash. The top right two (lavender and mint) along with the butterfly prints above were from a bundle he won. The yellow brick fabric is leftover from my Wizard of Oz baby quilt.

G's stash has lots of random prints. He likes sports fabrics. Maybe he'll make a sports pillow  to coordinate with the sports quilt he just finished.

And last, but not least, G chose this yard of beautiful green at our guild quilt show. He initially intended to use it for his round robin quilt, but it didn't end up going it.