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I'm writing today as part of the Aurifil Artisan Sew Organized challenge. (My pictures include thread that has been given to me by Aurifil.)

My thread (and all my other stuff) is stored in Ikea PAX wardrobes. These units are super flexible, both in design and in function. I opted for plain white doors on my cabinets and, with the help of my shopping buddy Mel Beach, chose Komplement pull-out shelves for thread and a few other tools. I added Komplement clear dividers on my thread shelf to help organize.

While I love the aesthetics of a thread rack on the wall, I wanted to protect my investment from exposure to light. (I also keep spools in their factory sealed packaging until I'm ready to use them.) At any given time, there are a handful of spools at my machine or on my table, but the bulk of my collection stays tucked inside my cabinet. It's easily accessible and the pull-out feature of the shelf means I can easily see my whole collection.

The majority of my thread is 50wt since it is my first choice for both piecing and quilting. I've arranged my 50wt thread mostly by color family: pink/red, yellow/orange, green, blue, purple, dark neutrals, light neutrals. The remaining five sections in the front two rows have my other thread by weight. My Aurifloss is kept in a separate container with other embroidery tools. The back row of my thread shelf is where I keep Aurifil brochures and thread which I distribute when I teach.


I prefer to match my bobbin color to my top thread color. (In a pinch I'm willing to use something that's close.) Long ago, I decided it was worth the investment in additional bobbins to save myself the time, expense, and confusion of unwinding partially full bobbins when I need a new color. I have two tips for keeping those bobbins organized.

First, I label the bobbin with the Aurifil thread number using a sharpie. It could be erased with a little rubbing alcohol if need be.

Second, I use Bobbin Buddies (affiliate link) to connect my bobbin with my spool of thread. I find they work a little better with a large Aurifil spool compared to the small spool. The smaller size of the opening on the large spools create more tension to hold the Bobbin Buddies in place. That said, both work. On a large spool I loosen the bottom of the spool (it's removable) to tuck in the loose thread to stop it from unraveling.

What are your best organizational tips for thread? Or for other tools in your studio?


Welcome to my first 20 in 2020 post. This month I'm sharing a quick list of 20 quilt blogs that I think you'll enjoy. Please visit, and tell them I sent you. :-)

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Thanks for visiting!



With the new year I filled out a new American Patchwork and Quilting UFO challenge form on January 1st. I have participated in the past, but I skipped 2019. I have way more than 12 WIPs, so I filled in 12 of them and then looked to see what had been chosen for January. It was #2. My most dreaded and probably oldest WIP. I don't even want to look to see when I started it. *checking* This is a true OMG (the other kind)... over 4 years ago.

I never should have quilted this twin sized quilt on my own. My machine has a 7" throat. Current me really wishes that past me would have let go of the control and shelled out the money to have it longarmed for my five year old son. Now, I'm not sure my 9 1/2 year old son even wants it (but at least it's just blue on the back). For the record, the kid has other quilts and commandeers lap/throw quilts for use on his bed. But he's never had a bed quilt that I made for him. And also, his younger sister does have one, because he made it for her (and we sent it to a longarm quilter -- thanks Tami!). So, this project is full of shame, and regret, and dread. But it's also the one on the list that I need the biggest kick in the pants to get done, so in that sense I'm thankful that it is the January project. His half birthday is mid-month. But I may need the whole month to finish it. Wish me luck!

I'm free motion quilting square spirals with circular spirals in the center it's very organic. It's underway, but without getting the project out I'd say it might be 20% quilted. Maybe less.

I'm choosing this project as my One Monthly Goal and linking up with Patty at Elm Street Quilts.