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Folks, it has been a year. Let me be the first to congratulate you on being here, on making it through 2021. Happy New Year!

Given the stress of the last two years I am having a love-hate relationship with Goal Setting Season. Mostly I've been making life choices to manage my stress and anxiety and to keep my family healthy and happy. My goals for the past year mostly revolved around that. I homeschooled for the first half of the year. Among other things we spent lots of time reading US History, doing math, and playing board games. Most days I walked, read, and did creative things. I wrote 45 blog posts. I sent 4 newsletters (up from just 2 in 2020). I visited 7 guilds on Zoom to give lectures and teach workshops. I launched my first on-demand quilt workshop. I (finally!) moved my PDF quilt patterns into a pattern shop on my website. This all mostly lined up with the goals I set for myself at the end of 2020.

So 2022... Honestly, I'm just not in the mood for great big goal setting. I'm worn out in a lot of ways. There are things coming on my calendar that I'm excited about. I'm focusing on those things right now. I'm excited to be giving two brand new lectures in January and February, Building a Color Palette and Developing a Creative 100 Day Project. I'm taking a few mixed media classes that I'm enjoying. The newest season of Project QUILTING starts in two days. I love the series of one week quilt challenges. I had my first quilt ever accepted to hang at QuiltCon this February.

So I'm not writing down goals. I'm not shooting for the moon. 2022 will be another year of surviving. Of enjoying time with my family and taking every opportunity I have to be creative. I'm looking forward to more virtual visits with guilds and my first time teaching for a quilt show. The 100 Day Project and it's February 13 start date is on my mind though I haven't formulated a plan for what my next project will entail.

I'm taking some more time to think about what my business goals are for the coming months and years. There are so many things I could do... more on-demand classes, offering live workshops to individuals, get back to pattern writing, write a book. The list goes on. But I can't do it all and I often bite off more than one human can chew. Step one will be taking my time to really think about what my priorities are. I had a long chat with a friend this week that really gave me some things to think about and will help guide the process of making some decisions about what is next in my business. But those decisions won't be made today or tomorrow and they maybe won't even be made in January.

I do have one goal, a promise I've already made to my newsletter subscribers. I'll be sending the Sarah Goer Quilts Newsletter on the 1st and 15th of each month. These newsletters include what I'm up to, where I'll be teaching, and color and design inspiration from around the web. And subscribers will certainly be the first to know when I do decide what's coming next in my business. ;-) I hope you'll subscribe so we can keep in touch.

Happy New Year. Thanks for being here.

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Keeping with the tradition for me to share my top five blog posts of the year and link them up to Cheryl's Best of... blog post, here they are. While my monthly linkup was a little inconsistent, look for more details for a revamp to the linkup in an upcoming newsletter. And thank you to everyone who participated in the Show Me Something linkup in 2021! Sunset All About Angles is one of my favorite finishes. I love the colors and the quilting and it's a really fun example of my All About Angles workshop which I love to teach.

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