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I’m R. I’m six years old. I live in San Jose, and my quilt is called Mixed Up Signs. I got the idea from an old kids’ book called Mr. Pine’s Mixed Up Signs.

My quilt has four arrows pointing in all different directions. One block (top left) is themed “England," one (bottom right) is “Dots," one (bottom left) is “Outdoors," and one (top right) is “Random.” The white in my blocks are white-on-white. And my thread number is #2735 (Aurifil 50wt). The thread color is Medium Blue.

The reason I made arrows is that my Mom was making half-square triangles, and I told her that they looked like half an arrow. And she said, “How would you make an arrow?” And I said that I would write it down. So I did.

And we started making them. But first she said that there was a challenge, and I asked, "what is the challenge?" She said it was only red, white, and blue fabrics. And I said I wanted to do that challenge with arrows.

A couple days later, after we started making them, she said “So, you want your arrows to be facing all different directions?” I said, “No, I wasn’t thinking that, but I might actually do that.” Then a couple days after that, I said to myself, “I’m going to do different facing arrows like Mr. Pine’s Mixed Up Signs!”

I learned that I can make arrows, and that books can inspire you.


Mixed Up Signs
designed, pieced, quilted, and bound by R, age 6 1/2
with cutting, pressing, and supervision help from mom
12.5" x 12.5"

Linked up to Project QUILTING 10.2. R's quilt is #72 in the linkup. And my submission is #74. Voting is open! You can vote for your ten favorites.


I recently shared my daughter's fabric stash, and today I'm sharing my son's stash. G is nearly 7 1/2, and January will be three years since he started quilted. He just finished his fifth quilt.

He's been quilting longer, so he's grown a slightly larger stash than my daughter. He's also picked out fabrics at quilt shops with me, but in addition to that he's shopped our guild sale table when he has come to meetings with me. He's been generous to share with friends, his sister, and me.

G loves animals, especially big cats. Some of these fabrics have been gifts. A few of them were made into napkins which he uses for school lunch placemats, and the dinosaur print was made into a pillow. He used those turtles on the purple background in his House on a Hill mini. My favorite are those adorable frogs! And note the sushi cat in the bottom right corner. Of course, both kids had to get some!

Many of these prints came from my stash. The top right two (lavender and mint) along with the butterfly prints above were from a bundle he won. The yellow brick fabric is leftover from my Wizard of Oz baby quilt.

G's stash has lots of random prints. He likes sports fabrics. Maybe he'll make a sports pillow  to coordinate with the sports quilt he just finished.

And last, but not least, G chose this yard of beautiful green at our guild quilt show. He initially intended to use it for his round robin quilt, but it didn't end up going it.






My daughter is 5 1/2 and has been quilting for a year and a half. R has just finished her third quilt. Her first quilt was made entirely from my stash and her brother's stash, but soon after she started building her fabric stash. Whenever she visited a quilt shop with me I let her pick 1 or 2 fat quarters or fat eighths. I think her stash building began on our trip to Portland, OR. (There are some great quilt shops there!) I share my stash with my kids. They have free choice of most of my fabric and just have to ask first, but I think it's also nice that they have a bit of fabric that is their own.

I've mentioned her stash on the blog and on IG and people have been curious about it, so I thought it would be fun to give you a little tour. This might not be 100% of it, but it's close and it's everything she had put away in her box.

Probably the biggest difference in our stashes is cat fabric. I'm pretty sure I have none. Oh wait, there's one piece in a Patchwork City BOM kit. I digress. She is drawn to cat fabric. My favorite is the sushi cat fabric. Cause it's hilarious! That was an acquisition from Hip Stitch in Albuquerque, NM when we went out for Balloon Fiesta in October 2016. Unfortunately the sushi cats haven't made it into a project yet. I should point that out to her. Many of her cat prints went onto the back of her most recent quilt. She also used her whole piece of bunny fabric in that backing.

She also likes purple and pink. The one on the top was a print we each picked up in a shop in Portland, OR. Many of these made it into Striped Quilt, a doll quilt R made from her friend Ellie.

What's not to love about a rainbow print? Or a stripe? 'Nuf said. She used the second one from the bottom to make a pillow last summer.

And the rest of her fabric is this little random assortment. She played a year of t-ball so she digs the baseball prints. The top print is my remnant from the dress I made for her and the shirt I made for her brother. The hot air balloon print is also from Hip Stitch, and she used it to hand sew this sweet little doll dress. The two in the top right were a gift from a couple of the kids in the round robin she participated in. And the two in the bottom right are small bits from my stash.

I look forward to seeing what she makes next!