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My son started quilting just about a year ago and finished his third quilt this month in time to gift to his dad. His first two quilts were squares and rectangles, making this one the first time he's sewn half square triangles. He picked his fabrics from his Finish Along winnings from my post about his first quilt, some fabrics he's picked up at the SCVQA guild sale table, and from my stash. His chose his block design, House on the Hill, from Big Book of Quilting, by Michele Morrow Harer.

I cut out all of his pieces. I'm not sure what age I'll feel comfortable letting him use the rotary cutter, but 5 1/2 is not it. ;-)

At this point he pieces independently, sewing at the kids' art table. I press his seams open for him and help him stay organized while he chain pieces.

I love that he chose the turtles for the door and that he wanted to fussy cut the woman to be looking out the window. He decided to rework the pattern a bit to have only one chimney (instead of two).

He had used the walking foot for quilting his first two quilts, but once he had pieced this quilt he decided that he wanted to free motion quilt it. He really wanted loops. Okay, kid. I set up the machine for him to free motion quilt and he practiced a bit on a practice quilt sandwich. Then he went work on his mini. I supervised and assisted as needed.

He started by quilting the ground area, then wanted the lines on the window. I'm most impressed with his loops on the house and his clouds (in variegated thread). He chose blue binding from my leftover binding box and he assisted and supervised me in attaching the binding. Since he chose a (different) variegated thread to attach the binding, I recommended the three-step zigzag for the top stitching. I figured it would be less exact for him than trying to attach it with a straight stitch. The quilt finished at 12 1/2" x 12 1/2".

He's looking forward to showing this one and Rainbow Swift at the January SCVQA meeting.

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I managed to finish one of the two bowling shirts for my son in time for it to be a Hanukkah gift. It matches his sister's new dress. This is the kids Bowling Shirt pattern by Scientific Seamstress that I've made a couple times before. This time I actually bothered to make button holes and put on buttons instead of my usual snaps. I figure he's a mature, nearly 5 1/2 year old now, so it was time for buttons. ;-)

One thing I love about this pattern is the number of variations to choose from. If you clicked through on my links above to the other two that I've made, you'll see that fabric placement has been different on all three. The next one I'll finish will be all one fabric (a 4th variation for me).

I opted for the size 5/6. I think this is a 19" length. I feel like he's swimming in it a little, but I like to err on the side of clothes being a little big at the start so there's room to grow. Especially for handmade clothing. I don't want them to outgrow something quickly that has taken me many hours to make.

Here's a shot of the kiddos together as we were out the door to celebrate Hanukkah at our synagogue.

I had meant to share a picture from Hanukkah in yesterday's post. Here's a glimpse of the hanukkiahs from our community. We had 972 candles total.

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At the beginning of December I showed you the many projects I was working on. I finished this dress for my daughter (and matching shirt for my son that I'll show you tomorrow) in time to give them as gifts for Hanukkah. The kids wore them for the last night of Hanukkah when we celebrated at our synagogue. While singing the Dreidel song she spun around (the whole time!) and the dress proved to be great for spinning. It has a really full skirt. I'm always amazed at how much fabric going into ruffled things. I think the dress I made for her first birthday took 2 yards of fabric.

This is the second time I made this pattern, the Jewel's Stripwork Dress by Create Kids Couture. The first one was in summer of 2014 and she's finally outgrown it. A few months ago when I was fabric shopping with the kids I had a plan to make a new version of this dress. My daughter picked out the baseball fabric and together we found the red to coordinate with it. The pattern goes together very easily. And even faster with just one fabric in the skirt portion. I made the 4T size this time (I think the last one was a 3T) and it's sure to fit her for quite some time.

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I'm linking up to Adrienne's 2015 Q4 Finish Along post. See all my Q4 goals here.