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We are five weeks into Quilting the Countdown 100 day project. There are 63 days left until QuiltCon. I'm spending at least 15 minutes a day working on my Patchwork City blocks (a project I started in 2015!)

I finished 9 blocks this week. Nine! This brought me to 47 out of 75 blocks complete! The finished blocks shown feature Kona Bluegrass, Coral, and Grellow.

I've been avoiding this block, but it's the only one I have (mostly) cut out. I've already finished the other two in this color.

And the next color to cut out is my Kona Charcoal blocks. I use sharpie to label the names of the colors on the selvage edge of my solids. Since most of my solids are Kona I just put the color name on those, and on other brands I include the brand name and color.

I'm getting excited to see all my blocks together. I also want to figure out what fabric I'm using for the sashing so I can start putting the trios of blocks together. The block of the month came with a dark grey Essex linen, but when I pre-washed it... it became a crumpled mess and I vowed not to use it for this project. Right now I'm leaning toward a light grey Kona solid.


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We are four weeks into Quilting the Countdown 100 day project. There are 71 days left until QuiltCon. I'm spending at least 15 minutes a day working on my Patchwork City blocks.

I finished 4 blocks this week, bringing me to 38 out of 75 blocks complete, which tips me past halfway for block construction! The finished blocks shown feature Kona Clover and Punch.

I've cut the next six blocks featuring Kona Coral and Kona Bluegrass. I like to keep all my pieces in the book since I'll be sewing them up ASAP and not taking them anywhere.

After cutting out all my pieces, I also folded this pile of fabric to get reorganized.

Starting tomorrow I get to sew sew sew to get these blocks together! Only one of the blocks has fiddly template pieces, so I hope to get all 6 blocks finished this week.

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During my Summer 100 Day Project to make Improv Log Cabin mini quilts I stumbled upon the idea to made a spiral in my log cabin.

This log cabin was precisely pieced. I sketched on graph paper to make my plan. Then got to work.

I decided to combine my spiral plan with orange scrappy slab. (I think I had a piece of orange scrappy slab started that I was able to build on to).

First think was to cut up my scrappy slab. I used 2 1/2" strips, trimmed down to size for each log.

My palette was limited to orange, black, and white, and I chose a black on black print for my contrasting spiral. These strips were cut 1 1/2" wide.

When piecing scrappy slab to neighboring fabric, sometimes it is unreasonable to press seams open given the bulk of the seam. These two photos show one area where the tiny strip of light orange will disappear in the seam, creating bulk.

And this shows where the tiny strip of orange and white print will be visible on the front, but required I press the seam to one side. You can see this super skinny strip of mostly white fabric vertically in the photo below, just inside the left most vertical strip of black near the upper corner. One of my favorite parts of piecing with scrappy slab is where these tiny slivers of fabric show.

Tada! Quilt top.

I used my favorite filler, a zig zag meander (which I also used in my red Improv Log Cabin), combined with echo quilting in the black logs. I actually spiraled in and then out all in one trip. Then I bound it in my solid Black Kona.

My quilt finished at 16 1/2" x 16 1/2".

You can read all about the other quilts in the series here:


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