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The One Where I Actually Finish Some Blocks

I've been primarily working on my king sized February goal this month. Life has been trying it's best to get in the way. I continue to be thankful to Sarah for her 4x7 Sewing Challenge for the month, to keep me focused mostly on the one project (which is hard for me) and for the encouragement to just do that 30 minutes (or whatever I can manage some days) each day, even when I don't feel like it or really don't have the time. I'm thrilled with my progress and have finished 15 of my 36 quilt blocks, with the other 21 of them in progress, assembly line style (go go gadget chain piecing!). This gives me six more days to finish the blocks up, get them pieced together and add on the three borders. It'll be a stretch, but I might just finish the quilt top. (Why'd I chose the shortest month of the year to make a king size quilt!?) This will be the first quilt that I'm sending out to be quilted, so the quilt top will be nearly the "done" stage as far as my work goes, which is even more exciting.

Just keep sewing. Just keep sewing.

Here's a slightly wonky late night pic of how the blocks look together:


I also got these four blocks together this week to finish my IG Rainbow Mini Swap quilt top. You might remember the pattern from my Antioxidant Delight quilt.


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At the end of the first week of the month I shared my February Goals with you, namely to finish a king size quilt top. (Why oh why did I pick the shortest month of the year to do this!?) At any rate, I've been making steady daily progress on the project, due in large part to Sarah's 4x7 Sewing Challenge. This was especially true as I got to the boring stage of this project.

In week one I showed you my step by step daily progress. Week two pictures of this nature would be ridiculous. I foolishly thought "I should be able to start cranking out blocks" this week. Ha! I'd failed to calculate that after the awesome strip piecing I'd done in week one I had about 126 feet of seams to press open. So for a half hour (or more) a day this week, that's what I did. I also watched a lot of Friends. ;-)

I also did all the cutting to make 144 units from these strips. (Now I should really be able to crank out some finished blocks!)

Ta da! It took all week to get to this point, so I must confess, I also did some other (read as: more exciting) sewing. Some I'll show you later, and here is my first block for my Patchwork City quilt. I'm making the Metro Area quilt with Intrepid Thread's BOM. I cut (and fussy cut) all the bits for all three blocks that will make the larger 14" block in this color scheme. I look forward to getting more of it put together.

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I'm participating in Sarah's 4x7 Sewing Challenge of doing some "selfish sewing" for 30 minutes a day. I started purchasing purple fabric for my bed quilt last May. I had trouble finding a blender to match my purple ninja fabric. Since I decided that this project would be my focus of the 4x7 Challenge, I brought my fabrics along with me to Intrepid Thread last Friday for help from Molli Sparkles (Thank you again!) on his visit from Australia. I walked away with a perfect coordinating blender (top left) by Valori Wells for my project and I'm excited to get started. Finishing this purple ninja king size quilt top is my ALYoF February goal.

So Day 1... I was all set to pre-wash fabric for my 30 minutes of selfish "sewing"... and then the downstairs sinks backed up and that became the matter that needed all of our attention... that and I was afraid to run the washing machine while we had a plumbing problem elsewhere in the house. Instead I focused my efforts in the evening to cut out my bee blocks for Stash Bee (Hive 1), The Bee Hive (swarm Tisha) and do. Good Stitches (Promise Circle). I've decided that in keeping with my commitments to the bees, I'll make bee blocks a priority the first week of the month so it felt really good to get the pieces all cut out. I even started piecing my improv log cabins that evening. :-)

Day 2... Called the plumber. ;-) And spilled milk on my laptop keyboard. (Thankfully, it's just fine after 24 hours in rice.) I did manage to get the fabric all prewashed once our plumbing issue was fixed. That was my "sewing" progress.

Day 3... Daughter throwing up... son came home early from school sick. I still managed to get my 11 yards of fabric all ironed and started cutting pieces for my project.

cutting king size border pieces

Day 4... In prewashing some unrelated fabric, I had a minor laundry catastrophe. More progress on cutting ninja quilt fabric.

Day 5... Finished cutting all my fabric for the ninja quilt. Woo hoo! Started piecing my 2" strips.

36 squares and 72 2" strips for the blocks
one down, 35 to go

Day 6... Pieced nearly half of my 2" strips.

Day 7... Finished piecing my 2" strips. Yay! It doesn't look like much, but I should be able to start cranking out blocks this next week. Thanks for the motivation, Sarah!


Other projects on my radar this month:

  • Patchwork City Metro Area BOM
  • Bee Blocks for do. Good Stitches (done), Stash Bee, and The Bee Hive
  • Helping my son finish his quilt
  • Finishing the quilt top on my Rainbow Mini Swap quilt
  • Finishing the quilt top for my purple Charm Dash quilt

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