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With the new year I filled out a new American Patchwork and Quilting UFO challenge form on January 1st. I have participated in the past, but I skipped 2019. I have way more than 12 WIPs, so I filled in 12 of them and then looked to see what had been chosen for January. It was #2. My most dreaded and probably oldest WIP. I don't even want to look to see when I started it. *checking* This is a true OMG (the other kind)... over 4 years ago.

I never should have quilted this twin sized quilt on my own. My machine has a 7" throat. Current me really wishes that past me would have let go of the control and shelled out the money to have it longarmed for my five year old son. Now, I'm not sure my 9 1/2 year old son even wants it (but at least it's just blue on the back). For the record, the kid has other quilts and commandeers lap/throw quilts for use on his bed. But he's never had a bed quilt that I made for him. And also, his younger sister does have one, because he made it for her (and we sent it to a longarm quilter -- thanks Tami!). So, this project is full of shame, and regret, and dread. But it's also the one on the list that I need the biggest kick in the pants to get done, so in that sense I'm thankful that it is the January project. His half birthday is mid-month. But I may need the whole month to finish it. Wish me luck!

I'm free motion quilting square spirals with circular spirals in the center it's very organic. It's underway, but without getting the project out I'd say it might be 20% quilted. Maybe less.

I'm choosing this project as my One Monthly Goal and linking up with Patty at Elm Street Quilts.


I really tried to narrow down my 2020 goals for this year to a smaller number of items. So here they are!

Write a Book

I have a book that's been swimming around in my head. It's a quilting technique book. 2020 is my year to focus on that. My first step will be to take the big picture ideas I have and to map those into a rough table of contents and bite sized chunks so I can have small 1-day or 1-week goals to work on.


Patterns and Other Product Development

I have numerous patterns that I've self published or had in magazines. (Just one is currently for sale on Bluprint.) I plan to get more of the patterns out for sale as PDFs and to work on developing these into print patterns so I can have them available for purchase when I speak and teach. I have one other product in development in the moment that I will release in 2020.


Connect with the Quilting Community

I love interacting with the quilting community. This is one of the biggest reasons why I travel to lecture and teach. I also enjoy my involvement at my two guilds at home, Bay Area Modern Quilting and Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association. And of course, there is the online community of quilters. I enjoy interacting with makers through blogs and Instagram. And I am a member of numerous quilting groups on Facebook. All of that is pretty much status quo of what I've been doing. However, tomorrow I'll be rolling out a new monthly linkup on my blog! Come back by the blog tomorrow to see all the details of how to participate in the new linkup.


2020 Planning Party

I'm linking up with Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl for the 2020 Planning Party.

This post concludes my 31 posts in 31 days for the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge with Cheryl of muppin.com. I will not keep posting daily, but I do have two queued up for tomorrow, the FAL Q4 finishes linkup, and the kickoff post for my new monthly linkup.


2019 was a bit of a blur. We moved back into our house, then back out and back into it again. (All in the course of about 2 weeks.) We had an epic family vacation to Ireland in June. And my mom's health took a turn for the worse just after that. She spent a lot of time in the hospital the second half of the year, but is thankfully back home, stable, and generally feeling well these days.

I continue to rail against my perfectionist tendencies. I forget who said it or which podcast the interview was on, but I recently heard someone talk about how it helps their decision making process by knowing there are lots of right answers available and she just has to pick one of those. Other perfectionists may agree that our default is to analyze (and analyze and analyze) and try to optimize for the best option for all decisions. This is not only not an effective use of time, but also unreasonable. For any decision there are so many different aspects one could optimize for. For example, optimizing for lowest cost vs. lowest amount of time. (These aspects are often at odds.) Some analysis or thoughtful decision making is good... but the stagnation from overanalyzing is not. My husband and I have discussed the idea of a minimum viable product, the idea of putting something out that has enough value for the customer and will provide feedback for future development. This is a concept often used in tech, but I think it applies to many aspects of life. After a many years hiatus (and related mom guilt) I made holiday (New Years) photo cards. I could have agonized over the perfect photo or tried for a selection of photos to create a collage of what our family was up to in 2019. In the end I picked a good enough option. I considered just four group pictures of us from Ireland (not the entire year of potential options) and put two additional pics on the back, a cute one of the kids and a cute one of me and Evan. Done. I allowed myself an evening to get it done. More of my decisions need to be made in this fashion. A short term deadline and a "get it done" attitude.

I digress. I am supposed to be recapping my 2019 goals. They were lofty. They always are. And there were too many of them. I struggle with always wanting to do it all. Anyway. Here they are. Original list can be found in the bottom half of this post.



I continue to be deadline driven. I think it's just my style. But I think I've shifted my sewing "work" to be more during the time that my family is occupied with other things. I've found that keeping my afternoons free for the kids is less essential than I thought because they like to come home, have leisurely snacks, and hang out with each other reading or listening to audiobooks, podcasts, or music. The plus side is that since they are getting older, dinner time is a bit later and bedtime can be a bit later, so there's still hangout time in the evenings. Our fun time is filled with board games, and cooking and sewing together.



Aces! I taught and lectured throughout California, which I really love doing. I rolled out three additional workshop offerings, and presented my offerings at the Northern California (NCQC) and Southern California (SCCQG) Meet the Teacher events. I have limited availability left in 2020 and I've started booking into 2021.


Patterns, Products, Etc.

Welp... All that other life that happened really got in the way of bandwidth for this one.



We've decided finishing the garage to house a longarm is the way to go. No timeline on the construction part yet, but I figure 2021 for that. And I have a goal of purchasing a longarm by October 2022.



Another nope. I mean, I have designed many projects... but I did not develop a routine of regular design work.


Garment Sewing & Mending

My Blackwood Cardigan plans are still on the list, but I haven't cut into the fabric yet. I did make 2 1/2 garments for my niece and nephew (pants still in progress), so a small amount of garment sewing happened. I've also done a bit of mending, but not to the extent I was hoping for. I've started a collection of garments to use for patching other garments.


In short, despite being back in our house for 9 months now, there is still unpacking and related projects left to work on. Remodeling is no joke. It takes a lot of time and energy. Many of the spaces in our house are lovely and enjoyable. So much progress has been made around here in the last year. But numerous areas really need some attention. I'll be back tomorrow to share a few big picture goals for 2020. A couple of these above will remain on my mind, but didn't make it to the short list.

Thanks for visiting, today and throughout 2019!


I'm participating in the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge with Cheryl of muppin.com.