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Well, I'm so out of OMG practice that when I met my goal last month, I totally forgot to linkup my finish. Oops. Onward...

This month's goal is a two-fer. My Island Batik project challenge is to try something new. I've chosen the product Fabric Magic by Pellon as my something new. A few weeks ago I looked at my "want to make" list and had significantly more on the list that time would allow in my life. I had to eliminate some fun "wants" like finishing the Trinket quilt top by the sew along deadline (you can see all my blocks on Instagram), and participating in the Riley Blake quilt challenge. I was nearing the realization that I would have to skip participating in the Pantone Quilt Challenge (which would be a bummer after participating in 2017 and 2018) when I realized that I could double dip with my Island Batik project. This year's Pantone color of the year is Living Coral. I've pulled these three fabrics (Tangy, Flame, and Peach) to start with (though I imagine I will add other colors). I also have some improv curves in mind. I'm giving myself a week to get it done. :-)

coral, flame, and peach colored batik fabrics with a package of Fabric Magic by Pellon

P.S. For anyone still wanting to participate in the Pantone Quilt Challenge, I shared some Living Coral color palettes.

I'm linking up to the June OMG goal setting party. Someone remind me to linkup my finish when I post it. ;-)


When I was a child, I remember my mother asking my grandmother if it was true what they said about "the older you get, the faster time flies." My grandmother replied in the affirmative, to which my mother replied, "well it must just be whipping by for you!" I totally get this! I feel a little bit like I was just writing the last annual goal post. Despite the whirlwind, I finished 32 quilts this year. (I'm counting the one I'll finish by Monday!)


2018 Goal Review

My goals for 2018 were Teaching, Patterns, Design, Challenges, and Garment Sewing. In hindsight, this was a lot of things. I guess that's how I roll.


The majority of my year was spent preparing to teach and lecture. I attended two Meet the Teacher events as planned to market my offerings, developed two workshops and three lectures, and built a body of work to support my Rules an Options of Planned Improv Piecing lecture and Planned Improv workshops. I spoke at Amador Valley Quilters in November and scheduled with eight guilds for 2019 and 2020.



The majority of my sewing energy went into quilts for my teaching and lecturing, so I still have some patterns in the queue. I did publish my Floating Hexagons pattern, though due to the downsizing at Craftsy it is not currently available for sale.



In my design work I wanted to work with more solids, continue with Planned Improv, and use letters of the alphabet as design inspiration. I have numerous ideas of alphabet inspiration, but I think my i Mini is the only one I completed. I had a small number of quilts from solids, the most successful of which was my Pantone Ultra Violet All About Angles. I did, however, focus deeply on Planned Improv and ways that I could play with design in a structured way.



The vast majority of the quilts I finished were from challenges, namely Project QUILTING and Island Batik Ambassador monthly challenges. Additionally, I had a handful of projects for blog hops to feature a particular fabric or pattern (which is a type of challenge in itself).


Garment Sewing

This one really fell flat. I started the year with the intention to make garments for myself. I have fabric and a pattern ready to go, but I just haven't taken the time to make it.



2019 Goals


I'd almost say "balance" here, but I think balance a bit of a facade. Or a mirage. Anyhow, life and quilting life were all a big hustle in 2018. As 2019 starts I will be working on improving the routines and scheduling in my life. I would like work hours to be primarily while the kids are at school, leaving my afternoons to be more present with my kids. I tend to be deadline driven. I'd like to work on some goals that don't have deadlines, which will require planning and commitment. And for the projects with deadlines, I'd like fewer of them to be finished at the last minute.



I'm excited to continue traveling to lecture and teach at quilt guilds. I'm booked throughout 2019 in Northern and Southern California and have started booking dates into 2020. I have a couple additional workshops on my mind that I'd like to develop. I'll be thinking about what I have the bandwidth for. I suspect I will unveil a couple more workshops later this year for booking in 2020.


Patterns, Products, Etc.

I have a couple patterns in the queue to self-publish, but this will require that I put up a pattern shop on Sarah Goer Quilts. I would also like to revisit submitting patterns to magazines as time allows. And I have a book idea and another product idea that I will be working to develop in 2019. This bring me back to pacing. I'll be prioritizing these different projects and scheduling dedicated time in my daily and weekly routine for these items.

I have started the process of creating a shop on Sarah Goer Quilts for pattern and product sales. I'm researching which platform I want to use on my site for sales. I will also be working to find a local printer for pattern printing which will allow me to bring patterns for sale when I speak and teach.



I have really enjoyed using the longarm at a local shop to freehand longarm some of my recent projects (Greenery, both Wonder Full All About Angles, and Fandangle Scrappy Squares). At a minimum I will use 2019 to decide what I want in a longarm. Maybe I'll even purchase one and find a place for it in my house. ;-)



I'd like to develop a regular practice of designing, either on paper or by computer. I continue to be interested in exploring Planned Improv as well as modern traditionalism design.


Garment Sewing & Mending

I still want to start making clothing for myself. Atop my list is a Blackwood Cardigan with a small black and white stripe. I have the fabric. And I've printed the pattern. I've made note of numerous other patterns I'd like to make for myself, but I'm only allowing myself to stash fabric and pattern for two projects in the queue. This will help keep things in check so I don't just end up stashing garment fabric and patterns.

My daughter has outgrown some clothing as she's gotten taller, so we have plans to add skirts onto a couple shirts to turn them into dresses. My son's biggest clothing woe is wearing holes through the knees of his pants. He's on board for learning how to patch his clothing. So this goal is a bit of a team endeavor.


Like I said, a long list is how I roll. Just ask my WIP list. ;-)


2019 Planning Party
I'm linking up to the 2019 Planning Party with Quilting Jetgirl.


Some times the best of intentions just don't come to fruition. So here I am again with my twin sized Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt. This month's goal is the same as last month, to quilt 20 spirals.

I did finally get it under the needle on August 31, but I only quilted this one spiral. Still better than nothing. But I left it in the machine to continue during the beginning of September. With any luck I'll get my 20 spirals done in the next few days and check this month's OMG off the list! Fingers crossed. Let's do this!

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