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I'm excited to be today's stop on the I Spy Blog Hop! A couple months ago I was enjoying seeing the new blocks that Kimie and Missy were sharing. When they asked for volunteers to help promote their book, I was excited to make a couple blocks to participate. They provided the book to me and I eventually chose the hamburger and the watermelon to make.

The book has one hundred 4" finished foundation paper pieced blocks, in a variety of themes. The cover quilt (shown below at 51" x 51") shows a lovely option for putting them all together into an I Spy quilt, but I can see using these for a variety of items. They would be a great addition to a zipper pouch or drawstring bag, a handful would make a great mini quilt or table runner, and individual blocks could be used for coasters, mug rugs... or the special mini quilts I have in mind for my blocks. Stay tuned for more details on my finishes later this month.

The patterns in the book are ranked 1-3 for difficulty, with instructions suitable for someone new to foundation paper piecing. I happened to pick two blocks that are each one whole pattern (vs. a more difficult block that might have multiple sections to paper piece before piecing the sections together). I still managed to have to seam rip three times on my watermelon block. I was eventually victorious, but as with any foundation paper piecing, check twice that you have your initial fabric layers in the correct order, and make sure that your bottom fabric doesn't get folded over before you start sewing. ;-)

I'm super enamored with the adorable little blocks. I added wide borders of solid white to the blocks, partly to give myself more to hold on to while I quilt since they will each be their own mini quilt. I'll trim down after quilting.


The I Spy book is available on Etsy from On Williams Street. Through December 16 you can use the 10% off code: ISPYBLOGHOP.

"I Spy is our own modern take on an I Spy quilt. We have included ideas from lots of different categories to provide a fun and varied quilt that appeals to all! Whether you are using the blocks all together in one quilt, or mixing and matching for all sorts of project opportunities, we are sure you’ll find something for the loved ones on your quilting list!"

Here’s a list of other blog hop participants. Hop over to see what others have made. :-)

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These just have a summer picnic vibe for me!

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One of my favorite features in my newsletters is my Kona color palettes. Today I'm sharing my latest here with you.

Through some technical research I selected Surf as the Kona color closest to PANTONE's Classic Blue, their color of the year for 2020. I used PANTONE's provided hex code for Classic Blue and compared to my Adobe library of Kona swatches.

Each of these Kona palettes uses Surf in the top position. Colors are listed in clockwise order, starting from the top.

(1) Surf, Lake, Cyan, Storm, Copen, Oyster.


(2) Surf, Breeze, White, Acid Lime, Limelight, Geranium.


(3) Surf, Peacock, Cerise, Black, Deep Blue, Valentine.


(4) Surf, Glacier, Cactus, White, Limelight, Teal Blue.

I find inspiration from a variety of locations. Check out today's newsletter to see where my inspiration for the third palette came from.


I've only scratched the surface of what you could partner with Classic Blue. More palettes are certainly forthcoming.

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