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With the start of the new year comes the start of the new Project QUILTING season. I'm hoping to participate in all six challenges this season. In 2020, I started my Improv Log Cabin Mini series with a couple of the Project QUILTING challenges. This year, just before the first challenge was announced I decided I would layer my own design challenge on top of the Project QUILTING challenge's again this year. I'll be using modern traditional design in my challenge quilts this season.

Modern Traditionalism in quilting refers to a design that is built on a traditional quilt block combined with more modern design elements. These elements can include use of bold colors and prints, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive negative space, and/or alternate grid work.

This week our challenge was a color challenge, Illuminating + Ultimate Gray, the 2021 Pantone Color of the Year. I love a color challenge, because you can do just about anything with it as far as the design goes. I went about picking a traditional quilt block to design off of and started selecting solids from my stash that worked with the yellow and gray theme.

I chose the card trick quilt block. I began by changing the elements of the corner of the block, instead extending the "card color" to the corners. Then I offset this quilt block in my design and extended the lines from the block into the negative space surrounding it. Finally, through the value choices of my colors, I gave the quilt a look of transparency.

My quilt finishes at 16 1/2" x 16 1/2". It has very minimal quilting, because, ya know... one-week deadline. I didn't start cutting fabric until Friday, so I didn't leave myself much time.

My quilt is labeled on my corner triangles, included for ease of hanging. First finish of the year!

Thanks for visiting, please hop over to Kim's blog to see the over 225 submissions for the Illuminating + Ultimate Gray challenge.

I'm linking up with the Pantone 2021 Artisan Challenge. I'm also linking up with my linkup, Show Me Something. ;-)

Kim Lapacek hosts Project QUILTING, a series of one-week quilt challenges that run from January through March (with a week off between challenges). January 3rd is the kickoff for Challenge 1 of Season 12 of Project QUILTING. At noon CST on January 3rd Kim will release the theme of the challenge for week 1. We'll have exactly one week to plan, create, finish and linkup a quilt for the challenge, due by noon CST on January 10th. You can see the full schedule for Season 12 on Kim's website.

I hope you will consider participating. Kim and Trish are a ton of fun and it's enjoyable to see how so many people respond to the same prompt. One week is no joke for starting and finishing a quilt. My biggest tip is to work small. I think the smallest quilt I've made for a Project QUILTING challenge was 2 1/4" x 9". (I'm always so impressed when someone makes a lap quilt, though most of us are making mini quilts.) Some makers have opted to layer on a second personal challenge to their projects, like when Kimberly made all her challenge quilts with Star Wars themes in 2017. All the details about how Project QUILTING works and how to enter can be found here.

This will be my 5th year participating in Project QUILTING. I'd admired it the previous year, but didn't have the bandwidth to dive in until 2017. Some years I've participated in all six challenges of the season and some years have been more sporadic. I think I've completed 21 Project QUILTING challenges over the years. I thought I'd share one of my projects from each season I participated. (Click on the photos to read more.)


Project QUILTING 8.4: Brighter the Better


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Project QUILTING 11.6: Vibrant and Vivacious



Season 11 of Project QUILTING ended two weeks ago and Kim decided to keep challenges rolling while much of the country (and the world) is sheltering in place during COVID-19. So PQQ 2020 (Project QUILTING: Quarantine 2020 edition) began last weekend with PQ Q.1: Big. Quite frankly everything seems big right now.

I have been sewing while I can, in the minutes I can steal between monitoring two elementary-aged children doing school at home, preparing too many meals per day, and all the other normal household tasks. I'm getting out nearly daily for short neighborhood walks alone. And we're trying to have quality family time among all the chaos. Since I have been sewing, I've been creating schnibbles (all those little bits of unusable fabric and batting). I save most scraps down to about an inch wide, so most of my schnibbles are the truly little bits. I keep them in a little trash bin from IKEA. Well, my pile of schnibbles had gotten quilt big and was threatening to overflow the trash bin. So it was time to do something about it.

I pulled out my fleece cat bed kit from Bay Area Modern Quilting and sewed it up so I could stuff it with all the little bits. It's hard to tell the scale, but the dimensions are approximately 16" x 20" on top and 5-6" tall. The top and bottom ovals are identical, with a double pass of stitching on each seam to attach the strip used for the sides.

I've developed the habit over time that when I have scraps I cross-cut them so the pieces are small. This goes for fabric, batting, and practice quilt sandwiches. All are cut up before going into the bin, so they are ready to go when I stuff a cat bed, or when I bag up my scraps to pass on to another guild member to fill cat beds.

This was a pretty quick project and it turned my big pile of schnibbles into a medium-size pile:

A big thanks to Kim for hosting additional quilt challenges during this weird time.

I hope you and you are healthy and safe. Thanks for visiting. Make sure to pop over to see what others have created for the Big challenge.