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Over the winter break, my son and I worked to finish his fourth and largest quilt. He began work on it this past summer and it was quilted in November. My final finish of 2017 was to help him finish it up on New Year's Eve.

G designed the quilt to be a twin-sized bed quilt for his sister. All of his fabrics were chosen by him from my stash. I think we all especially love the teal turtle fabric. I love his combination of colors and fabrics, especially the addition of that bold green and yellow print. He made the design decision for that print and the turtle print to not ever be right next to each other.

We sent it out to a local long arm quilter (Tami Levin). G chose the Baptist Fan quilting motif. I really like the curved quilting. It adds a great dimension to the quilt. The lines of stitching are about an inch apart.

One of my favorite features of my kids' quilts are their hand written labels. (I usually have them include their age, we'll have to add in "age 6" after his name.) I like that it shows his cursive writing. Once the quilt was back he commented that he wished he had written the whole label in cursive. He's also decided he'd like to rename the quilt. I'm not sure if that's really happening. Note that since I like to attach a label before quilting, sometimes the finish date is a little off due to my optimism on how quickly I'll get it bound. ;-)

Here's the full view of this cheerful 67" x 85" quilt.

My daughter is now happily sleeping under it in her ocean room. My son has decided since he's made himself a quilt, two for his sister (including this one), and one for his dad, it is now time to make me a quilt. We discussed his plans at our one-on-one dinner this week and he would like it to be purple and grey, twin-sized so it's large enough for me to cuddle up with, and he'd like glow in the dark purple paint on it. I'm intrigued by his vision and look forward to seeing what he creates next.

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My July ALYoF goal was to make some progress on my oldest WIP. Specifically, it was to finish the snowball blocks so I could reassess what my next step would be on this project.

I "gave" this quilt to my brother in 2004 for Christmas. I had 8 blocks done at the time. As of the beginning of this month I had... 8 block done. ;-) Now I have 40 completed blocks, and I've decided that I'll set them in a 5 block by 8 block rectangle and add a 10-12" border (in some boring solid, probably) to make it approximately twin sized. I figure about 65" by 90" is a reasonable lap quilt size for someone who is 6'5" tall. And it would have the added benefit of being able to be used as a bed quilt in the future if he'd like. Here are all the blocks together. (Oh yeah, that's a little busy! My 2015 self is kind of asking my 2004 self what she was thinking.)

I'm excited about making progress on getting the oldest WIP off my to do list. I've decided in a manner of letting some things go that I'll send out a few of my WIPs to a long-arm quilter once the tops are complete. (I recently sent out my first quilt to a long-arm quilter. It was like quilting magic! More on that later.) Since I'm not particularly excited about this project (sorry, Chris) I think skipping the quilting step will make me happier since it will allow me to move on to some other sewing. It will also ensure that it gets into the finished column sooner since it would just get pushed aside for more exciting sewing in the short term if I held onto it to quilt it myself.

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My final finish of 2014! I bought the fabrics: 7 light fat quarters (black on white), 12 dark fat quarters (reds), accent and binding fabric (black on black), border (white on black) and backing... eight and a half years ago during the 2006 Shop Hop by The Bay. I had no idea what I was making, but loved the mystery of it. (I had pieced the mystery quilt from the shop hop two years before using bright, bold colors and I'd loved watching the design emerge.) I started it immediately, but back then I wasn't sewing very regularly. I worked on and off over the years and this year I finally tried to really focus on finishing since I was able to carve out regular sewing time. There have been so many progress posts about my mystery quilt over the last year. It's so great to finally have a 100% finished quilt to show you.

I've come a long way in my skills since starting this. I think this is one of the frustrations of working on a really old WIP. My piecing has improved (yay for a nearly perfect 1/4" seam allowance), I can free motion quilt now, and my understanding of value has improved, to name a few. I've also started using Aurifil thread to piece and quilt and I press my seams open.

I quilted in Aurifil 50wt grey #2605 I like to match my top and bobbin thread and decided anything more bold would fight with the fun backing fabric and I wanted it to just blend. It finished at 65" by 83". I'm really looking forward to wrapping this up and giving it to my dear friend.

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